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Midwest PETS Registration March 2-4, 2018

District Annual Conference - Early Bird Registration - 5/5/2018


      You have 2 forms that need to be completed by PETS - District Conference Registration & Youth Compliance Statement. In addition 2 form inputs by March 15 please complete the Club Officer Information at Rotary International's website (Login to; My Rotary; select "Manage" / "Club Administration" / "Add/edit/remove club officers - Club level").  The Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs is a tool for you to use and does not need to be turned in.  Other tools and reference guides are available below in the Club Officers' Kit.

      Scroll in folder below for all handouts and forms: 

      Club Officers’ Kit

      Each manual guides the respective club leader while they are in office. The manuals describe the role and responsibilities for each position and provide relevant resources that will be helpful throughout the year.

      The manuals in the kit include:

        Other noteworthy sections in the manuals, include:

          *The Club President’s Manual and Club Secretary’s Manual each include an addendum on the inside cover with policy changes from the 2016 Council on Legislation and decisions from the RI Board and the Foundation Trustees.                                                                           


          Policy for President-Elect relative to eligibility to serve as President

          To support the success of our clubs, it is essential that the President-Elect receive support and training in advance (as well as during) their year as President.

          It is therefore a district mandatory requirement for the PE to attend a Pre-PETS workshop provided by the district.

          It is also a mandatory requirement by Rotary International (ADOPTED ENACTMENT 07-46*) as well as the district for each President-Elect to attend the President-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) prior to their becoming President.
          The Club Officers’ Kit was mailed to governors-elect in November and is also available at The kitincludes the following manuals:

          As stated in the RI requirement, failure to comply with this ruling, will make the PE ineligible to assume the Presidency of their club.


          The following documents are available for download and review for PEs before attending Midwest PETS.  These materials are available for to help prepare you with background and information you should receive in Pre-PETS and during Midwest PETS.  Many of the Club Manuals have been updated recently by Rotary International, and have been linked here for your convenience.

          Please click on each item to open and save and/or print it for your preparation.  Adobe Reader is required to view and print these documents.

          If you do not have Adobe Reader, PLEASE CLICK HERE. to install on your computer.

          Resources from RI

          RI Training Materials and Resources

          RI Membership Resources

          Rotary Foundation Training Materials and Resources

          Club Officer Kit (2016-2019 Edition, with COL Updates)